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Holistic intelligence and the limits of Big Data


Big Data has been heralded as a ground-breaking technology that will transform the way that businesses operate. As such, major organizations have been quick to understand and implement Big Data analytics in a number of different ways. The most common implementations have to date been limited to internally-focused information, through fairly standardized techniques. There are therefore a number of externally-focused areas in which Big Data technologies could be further utilized, as well as the potential for stretching the industry towards ever more complex analytics. Nevertheless, there must also be some… Read more

SunGard launches new version of MarketMap Mobile market data solution


  SunGard, a provider of software and services to education, financial services, and public sector organizations, has released a new version of its MarketMap Mobile market data solution, accessible from a range of mobile devices. The solution is integrated with the online desktop application and has lower bandwidth requirements, helping make downloading and displaying market data content faster and more cost-effective. By transmitting less data, MarketMap Mobile helps reduce roaming and data downloading and usage costs. The new update timer option helps users further limit data costs by allowing them… Read more