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The Lego Group: Iconic bricks find the better model


In the year 2000, 68 years after the iconic brick company inception, The Lego Group made a net loss of DKK831m ($155m), its first major loss in all its history the company having never posted a negative result until the late nineties, and a result referred to in the annual report that year as unsatisfactory. It would take the group nearly ten years to remedy that evaluation, and to turn that loss into the substantial return it made in 2011, where, exceeding expectations, the group recorded a net return of… Read more

China: State induced liquidity crunch in order to allocate funds better


Xinhua, the official news agency of the People’s Republic, belatedly explained monetary policy action taken last Thursday, as “It is not that there is no money, but the money has been put in the wrong place”. Although no explicit statement of government policy or intent, Xinhua, considered as an official – in all but name – news agency of the state, explained that the reason the Chinese central bank has allowed interbank lending rates (Shibor) to surge on Thursday was because although banks, the stock market, and SMEs all lacked… Read more