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Tumblr pressing play on video improvements won’t worry YouTube


The media networking and blogging site Tumblr have made some upgrades to their native video-player in a bid to boost revenue and keep up with their rivals. There is speculation however that Yahoo! plans to use its acquired blogging site to rival YouTube’s iron grip on the video streaming market. If this is indeed a secret ambition it is surely doomed to failure. Yahoo! bought Tumblr for $1.1bn in 2013, its revenue was $13m, now Yahoo! CEO Marrisa Mayer has announced Tumblr is expected to hit $100m from advertising revenue… Read more

Why are CEOs paid so much?


CEO remuneration packages are undoubtedly attractive and commensurate with the great symbolic importance attached to the role. They have, however, increasingly drawn the ire of many in recent years as they have continued to rise, sometimes with little in the way of justification from financial results. These packages have evolved over time and, contrary to popular belief, have not continued to rise unabated, although at several of the world’s largest companies the disparity between CEO pay and that of the average worker now exceeds a ratio of 1000:1. As the… Read more