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Saudi Arabia – Wind of change in the desert kingdom will create new business opportunities


Saudi Arabia has for decades been one of the world’s most culturally austere and restrictive countries, not allowing gender mixing, concerts, and cinemas, amongst others. However, the government’s Vision 2030 reform program is set to return the country to a more moderate Islam, diversify the economy and reduce the country’s dependence on oil by growing sectors like entertainment, arts, tourism and culture. This liberalizing reform drive has already opened the door to concerts, comedy shows and women drivers over the past year. From June 2018 women will be allowed to… Read more

Social Media: Disruptors likely unless culture changes in Silicon Valley


The deletion and subsequent reinstatement of the Google account belonging to prominent scholar Jordan Peterson has set a dangerous precedent regarding the treatment of individuals promoting viewpoints which are at odds with those held by leading social media and technology companies. Mostly thanks to a campaign to reverse the decision, Jordan Peterson is now back online, but with a near absence of information coming from Google, many in online communities now fear censorship from the largest internet giant of them all. Engaging in ever closer oversight of dissident voices increases… Read more