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Car manufacturing sector booming in the UK: Weaker pound boosts exports, yet Brexit worries persist


2017 has been a good year for the UK car manufacturing sector as far as production levels are concerned, with the country manufacturing cars in March 2017 at a level last seen in the year 2000. Manufacturing levels have been boosted by a strong rise in exports of cars, which has come about due to the weak pound, low crude oil prices and rising demand for British cars in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as in the United States. However all of this has been happening among the backdrop of… Read more

Volkswagen scandal refuses to go away


The VW emissions scandal shows little sign of slowing – affected consumers must be compensated whatever the cost if the scandal is to be finally concluded. Volkswagen owners in the US received $20,000 per case in compensation; European owners received a mere software update. However, this could be about to change after courts in Germany ruled a pilot case filed against the company by investors could go ahead. Efforts are underway to circumvent European Union laws and bring about similar cases in other European countries too. It follows a raft… Read more