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Smart TV devices: TV dongle sales grow, Pay TV subscriptions decline


US Pay TV subscriptions have been in decline over recent years. With advancements in technology and the way some viewers changing the way they watch their favorite TV shows, it is observable that growth in the online streaming services industry presents an opportunity to those like Sky and BT. Additionally, companies like Amazon Video & Netflix reaping in the subscribers worldwide. This has meant a huge surge in popularity for Smart TV devices which host applications allowing them to project their streaming content on pretty much any modern TV. With… Read more

AT&T to buy Time Warner


When business acquisitions on this scale are announced they almost inevitably become political – hence extensive investment in political lobbying. Announcing a buyout, therefore, just weeks before one of the most acrimonious presidential races in living memory concludes gives a difficult birth. Both candidates have already declared their displeasure. Some Senators have also voiced concerns and their intent to heavily scrutinize any proposals that come before them. Exactly why this time should be chosen is unclear: it makes the deal far more politicized than need be the case, raising uncertainties… Read more

BT Sport and UEFA: Poor European football viewing figures continue to cause concern


BT turned up the pressure on its rival Sky in November 2013 when it announced that it had acquired the rights to become the exclusive UK broadcaster of the UEFA Champions League from 2015. The Champions League is the pinnacle of European club football and the presence of clubs such as FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, and Real Madrid ensures that there is great global interest. The competitions final is now the worlds most-watched sporting event, attracting a global TV audience of around 180 million in 2015. By way… Read more