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BrewDog brings craft beer (and capitalism) to the masses


Are you a punk? Are you passionate about craft beer? Are you cool with the risks of investing in a company that “started as 2 humans and 1 dog”? If you answered Yes to these questions, Brewdog has a business proposition for you. And it comes with free beer. BrewDog is one of the UK’s most successful craft breweries. James Watt and Martin Dickie began the company in 2007 using personal savings and bank loans, and second-hand equipment. Initially, their beers were bottled by hand and sold at local markets…. Read more

Somersby establishing an alcohol category adjacent to beer


With declining beer volumes throughout Europe, brewers have looked at diversifying their product portfolios and seek out new revenue streams from alcohol categories adjacent to beer. Carlsberg, one of the world largest brewers, has expanded its product portfolio with the addition of the Somersby cider brand. The brand, which was first launched in Denmark and Norway in 2008, is now available throughout northern Europe and Belgium and has most recently been launched in Croatia and, most significantly, Russia. Somersby cider is an example of a successful premium product launch outside… Read more

Craft Beers in the US & UK: How Mainstream Brewers can Benefit From the Trend Towards Craft Beers


Amid data showing that the craft beer sub-sector has posted strong growth in an otherwise dismal US beer category, brewer MillerCoors has pooled all its craft-style domestic and international brands into a new craft-focused division called Tenth and Blake. The UK real ale sub-sector is also showing positive growth in a poor overall environment. The success of craft beer has arisen as it dovetails with various important consumer trends: it fits with the general trend towards trading up; it capitalizes on desires to purchase authentic products; it goes with the… Read more