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iPhone X: After healthy sales historically, $1,000 price tag does not justify the technological difference over previous generations

Apple was once known for its innovative developments and breakthroughs in the computer and music market. With the release of the iPhone in 2007, it broke records in terms of sales growth for a phone. Year on year growth for the past 10 years has been extremely impressive and this is due to a variety of quality factors associated with Apple’s brand. With strong brand loyalty associated with Apple, customers have become fans and many enjoy upgrading their phones every year seeing as there is a new iPhone released every year. With new iPhones with updated features and possibilities it only seems right that Apple has enjoyed high sales growth.

Its simple and effective operating system has led to a surge in customers becoming used to and attached to the iPhone alongside a very good camera and app store that is easy to navigate. Due to these sorts of factors, the growth in sales has been apparent and it has gained a large proportion of the market because of this. This still puts it behind Samsung in market share terms but Apple still manages to turn over more in revenue from its smartphone sales. Other smartphone brands have also emerged that have been manufactured in China, being that these phones also run Android software very efficiently.

The release of the iPhone X has left many in shock as it prices itself in the four-figure region and this may have left fans in an uncertain position about upgrading to it anytime soon. With rival brands such as Samsung releasing the S8 at a cheaper price point, it remains to be seen whether Apple can maintain its sales growth or if there will be a decline in the next year.

With a large loyal customer base associated with Apple’s brand, it is likely that sales will continue but not at the growth rates witnessed in the past. The technological improvements in the recent generations are not as groundbreaking as what once was for Apple, and this is why customers may just keep hold of their current handsets, for now.

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