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China Three Gorges takeover of EDP: Deal would leave Portugal dangerously exposed to China


The $10.9bn bid from China Three Gorges, the largest clean energy company in China, was rejected by EDP but the takeover remains very much the most likely outcome – only at present the shareholders would prefer to extract a larger sum of money for a prized asset. Current trading conditions are ideal for China Three Gorges. A relatively poor government (although now at least managing a growing economy and rising employment) in need of foreign investment makes EDP ripe for a takeover bid. Yet to secure this the government will… Read more

Siemens gas turbines taken to Crimea


Under pressure from the German government to extirpate the company from any harmful events, Siemens has reacted swiftly to eradicate the possibility of further problems emerging. All operations in Russia are now under review and links with the offending company which is accused of illegally moving the gas turbines to Crimea have been irrevocably damaged. For an influential and large company such as Siemens to take such stern action will likely mark a major change in relations international business has with Russia. Suddenly trust has been eroded and further sanctions… Read more

Fracking approval: In spite of public opinion


The decision to approve Third Energy’s application to begin exploratory drilling for shale gas outside of Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire has been hailed as a landmark decision for the UK fracking industry. Many believe that it will open the door to a swathe of further approvals, while setting a precedent which could help rival firm Cuadrilla in their appeal against the decision not to allow them to frack up on the Fylde coast. However, industry chiefs would do well to keep their champagne on ice, as public opposition is… Read more

Gas and Electricity in Great Britain – Competitive market illusion


A nationalized energy industry had operated in the United Kingdom for more than 40 years but it was gradually reformed with the introduction of market liberalization in the 1980s. Market liberalization was followed by a large-scale industry privatization fully completed in 1998. The competition injected in the industry through these reforms has been concentrated on generation and supply of gas and electricity. However, evidence from the Office of Gas and Electricity market (Ofgem), the body responsible for the regulation of the system, shows that the market is far from competitive…. Read more