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LiDAR self-driving technology. A case of calculated theft?


Google and Uber started off as friends with Google parent Alphabet investing $258m in Uber in 2013. They then became competitors, as Uber started experimenting with its fleet of self-driving cars in 2016. Finally, in 2017, both companies ended as adversaries in court, engaging in a bitter legal fight to control the future of transportation. The suit details the lengths Waymo goes to in order to protect its trade secrets, including purchasing LiDAR components from numerous vendors and completing assembly in-house to prevent any single vendor from knowing everything about… Read more

The F-150: Ford to pick-up where they left off?


The Ford F-150 is a car that has achieved iconic status for the Ford Motor Company. The Ford F-Series has been in production by Ford since 1948 and has been a firm American favorite for years. It has been the number one selling truck in the US for 38 years straight and the saw the latest iteration released in 2014. The latest version has attempted to revolutionize sports utility vehicles and trucks by using an aluminum body with a steel frame, which has allowed the truck to shed approximately 750… Read more

The global medium & heavy trucks industry posts strong growth in 2013


Despite the on-going financial difficulties being experienced in many nations around the world, demand for medium & heavy trucks has continued to grow, with strong growth experienced in 2013. The global medium & heavy trucks industry grew by 7.5% in 2011, to reach a value of $209.8 billion, representing a compound annual growth rate of 9.9% for the period spanning 2009-2013. Stronger growth was experienced in the smaller markets – the Americas and the Middle East and Africa, although growth was strong in the largest market, the Asia-Pacific. Growth was… Read more

Truck Manufacturing market continues to fluctuate


Introduction The global truck manufacturing market produced fairly low growth in 2012. However the market has been fluctuating in recent years and this growth perhaps indicates that the market is beginning to move out of the economic difficulties seen recently. This is not the case world-wide with some markets producing more reliable growth than others. The truck manufacturing market is heavily reliant on commodity prices, and increases seen in the cost of products such as aluminum can have a direct impact on the cost price of finished truck products. Figures… Read more