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Elon Musk brand continues to grow: Heavy public profile and revolutionary products amplify Musk’s popularity


Elon Musk’s brand image has evolved strongly over the past two decades, and he is today one of the most recognizable and admired CEOs globally. Whilst some of the major companies he owns such as Tesla are still very small compared to their market competitors Musk’s popularity only seems to grow. This is primarily due to two major reasons. The first is that Musk’s companies are engaged in the manufacturing of products that do not only carry financial benefits to the owner, but also do the wider society some good, whether… Read more

IKEA use solar offering to reinforce green credentials


IKEA have made a headline grabbing return to the domestic solar panel market, only months after ending the relationship with their original partner, the Hong Kong firm Hanergy Thin Film Power Group. This time round, they have teamed up with one of the most established names in the market, Solar Century, to offer an affordable solar energy package. This will initially be available in three stores and online, with this being extending to all of their UK stores by the end of the summer. While IKEA takes pride in its… Read more

Increasingly stringent government regulations will change the face of the energy consumption sector


The energy consumption sector accounts for total energy consumption over a range of different end uses, such as industrial, transport, residential, and commercial. The issue of energy consumption is a contentious one, due to its inextricable links to contentious issues such as pollution and emissions, climate change, and the environment, as well as issues related to usage of nuclear power and fossil fuels. An ongoing debate about nuclear power as a source of energy remains. Proponents argue that nuclear power is safe and sustainable, and one which reduces carbon emissions,… Read more

Tough Competition by Chinese Solar Panel Manufacturers


Plunging prices in the photovoltaic (PV) solar panels market has caused a number of bankruptcies, mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, many governments are reducing feed-in-tariff subsidies as part of their austerity measures, affecting the affordability of solar panels for homeowners. With China now manufacturing around 60% of the world’s solar panels, Chinese manufacturers are at the forefront of the solar panel market. As the market consolidates, only those companies best positioned are likely to survive until solar panel prices recover. Suntech Power Holdings is a vertically integrated multi-national solar panel manufacturing… Read more