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Amazon Web Services, revolutionizing cloud computing


Amazon Web Services (AWS) was developed alongside the online retail giant’s vast e-commerce from the world’s largest online retailer’s inception. Although having built its reputation and brand recognition on its retail operations, Amazon has gone on to expand its offerings into products and services as diverse as media, electronics and cloud computing. Responsible for over 4% of Amazon’s revenues in 2013, AWS has seen Amazon sink over 10 years of development and millions of dollars of investment into the world’s largest cloud service provider. Available in over 190 countries worldwide,… Read more

Serco: A relatively unknown billion pound company


The UK based service company Serco, is a large services business entity that in popular UK media is a relatively low key and unknown business. Despite this the company is one of the key contractors in the UK and is widespread internationally. In 2012 the company turned over £4.9bn (approximately $7.4bn), with net income of £245.3m (approximately $374.2m) which is clear evidence of its scale and scope. Serco has an incredibly diverse business profile, but its key business area is providing governments with private sector contractor options, outsourcing essentially. The… Read more

America and Europe remain the largest control systems markets but Asia-Pacific is growing at the fastest rate


Control systems, including programmable logistic controllers (PLC) and distributed control systems (DCS) are widely applicable and once installed, contribute towards better energy efficiency, increased productivity and safety. They can help companies achieve a competitive edge in a global scale. Currently, America and Europe are the largest markets for industrial control and factory automation; however, the emerging economies, mainly in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, are growing at the fastest rate. These markets are expected to generate the largest revenue stream in the nearest future, as they pursue expansion and improvement… Read more

G4S: Further reputational damage leads to defiance from their new CEO


Security services company G4S has suffered another blow to their reputation as the UK’s Justice Minister Chris Grayling called in the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) related allegations of fraud of a potential £50m ($79m). The allegations relate to the charging of the government for their electronic tagging services. Both G4S and Serco continued to bill the government after tagged individuals moved abroad, returned to prison, or even died. The ministry believes there could be a case of over 3,000 “phantom” taggings, when it received billing for 18,000 offenders when it… Read more