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Persimmon: Unjustified Criticism Forces Resignation of Valuable Senior Management


In February 2012 Persimmon, the UK-based homebuilding firm, announced ambitious plans to make dividend payments to investors totaling nearly £2bn ($2.67bn) over a ten year period. Eight months later the company’s Long Term Incentive Plan was approved by the board and shareholders, providing rewards for management pegged to dividend payout amounts. Fast-forward five-and-a-half years and the goal has almost been reached. During that time annual revenues have nearly doubled and the share price has increased by a factor of more than three-and-a-half. In the coming weeks the company’s CEO is… Read more

House prices in Sweden witness steep growth: Strong demand will continue pushing prices up even further


The Swedish housing market has witnessed a steep increase in prices in recent years, and this is the consequence of the supply of new houses not meeting the present and increasing demand for accommodation. A major reason for the increase in demand for buying property is that renting property has become increasingly difficult due to scarcity, especially for younger adults entering the property market for the first time. With record low interest rates currently being offered by banks, many Swedes have therefore taken on mortgages in order to purchase properties,… Read more

Airbnb: The sharing economy company encounters resistance in Berlin


Airbnb is one of the biggest sharing economy success stories of recent years and along with companies such as Uber, Lyft and Task Rabbit, Airbnb has found a new way to use to a widely available resource by applying new smart phone technology. Essentially the program allows apartments, flats, houses and rooms to be advertised for rent, and visitors to a city to have a different experience to what might be provided by a traditional hotel chain. Local knowledge, unusual locations and a homely experience, are some of the reasons… Read more

Greek government privatizing infrastructure and energy


Following a contraction in Greek domestic product worth at least 15%, the country has, since 2009, been hobbled by market reaction to negotiations with creditors culminating in an (overall) bailout worth $310bn. Greek debt now stands at 171% of GDP.  In part a reaction to this, the Greek government, led by prime minister Atonis Samaras, has put up domestic industry for tender or sale to the private sector. Depa, Greece’s natural gas corporation, is the subject of a bid by Gazprom: the Russian company, which already supplies 90% of Greek… Read more