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Wii U-turn: is Nintendo preparing to sell on iOS following console failure and smartphone boom?


Nintendo has completed a volte-face by announcing it is developing games for iOS, paving the way for a relaxation of its exclusivity policy. Elsewhere, there has been a renewed interest in Nintendo’s core market, and cause a scissor polarity in Nintendo’s consumers. Pokémon Trading Card Online is now being developed by the company to be played on iPad. This represents a major departure for Nintendo, which has previously focused all of its game production efforts on Nintendo hardware, although it has released iOS apps before. A policy of hardware exclusivity… Read more

Avon’s expansion in emerging markets


Avon’s door to door sales strategy is key to its success and one which sets it apart from its rivals such as L’Oreal, Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden which sell products through department stores and specialty shops.  Door to door sales are particularly popular in Brazil, In fact leading Brazilian manufacturer of beauty and personal care products Natura decided to follow the success of Avon’s Brazilian operations and employed a door to door sales model. Research findings from MarketLine in 2012 found that Avon holds a larger market share than… Read more

Are we witnessing the death of the traditional book?


Thursday 7th March 2013 is World Book Day; a day when the joy of reading is celebrated and promoted. Numerous events will be held in schools, nurseries, libraries, and book shops across the UK and Ireland. Many children will dress up as their favorite storybook characters and numerous World Book Day tokens will be exchanged for one of eight World Book Day new book releases. A smartphone app will also be launched aimed at young adults, featuring stories from leading teen authors. This delivering of content digitally highlights the era… Read more

Is a Public Preference for Cheap Food Behind the Horsemeat Scandal?


On January 16th, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland said beef burgers with traces of equine DNA were being supplied by subsidiaries of the ABP Food Group. One product was found to be classed as 29% horse. The finding resulted in ten million burgers being taken off the shelves of retailers including Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, and Iceland. Over the next week, Burger King switched supplier from ABP Food Group as a precautionary measure, while Sainsbury’s, Asda, and the Co-op removed some frozen products from their shelves, though none were found… Read more

Can the PlayStation 4 Compete with Casual Mobile Gaming?


At a New York press event on 20 February, 2013, Sony took to the world stage to unveil its latest incarnation of the PlayStation line: the PlayStation 4 (PS4). Although the console itself was not revealed, Sony’s main emphasis was on the concept behind the PS4, which was given a vague release window of holiday season 2013. Notably, much attention was paid to how the console will fit in with, and thus compete against, consumer movement to casual mobile experience offered by smartphones and tablets, which typically run on iOS,… Read more

India’s HDFC Bank has Launched an Ultra-Premium Credit Card


In 2011, HDFC launched its Infinia credit card, only 5,000 of which are to be issued. This case study examines how and why HDFC aims to meet the requirements of a small but potentially lucrative customer base: India’s ultra-rich. In July 2011, HDFC launched Infinia, an ultra-premium credit card. It is being offered to only 5,000 customers, and its lack of a pre-set spending limit, other benefits, and marketing are all intended to position it as a highly exclusive product for the ultra-rich only. India has a growing class of… Read more

Texas Instruments Case Study: National Semiconductor is TI’s Latest Strategic Acquisition


In September 2011, Texas Instruments (TI) acquired National Semiconductor (NatSemi), a leading manufacturer of analog semiconductors. The deal significantly increases TI’s share of the buoyant and highly profitable analog market. It is also the latest in a series of acquisitions and divestments that over the course of more than a decade have helped transform TI from a diversified technology company into one highly focused on semiconductor manufacturing. TI has been using acquisitions and divestments to focus on its core competence of semiconductor device manufacturing. In 2011, TI acquired NatSemi, a… Read more

John Lewis Partnership Case Study: UK Retail Chain is Owned by its Employees


John Lewis Partnership is one of the UK’s most well-known and successful retail chains. Whereas most retailers of its scale are owned by shareholders, John Lewis Partnership is owned by its employees. John Lewis Partnership is owned by its employees via a trust. Financials for the past ten years show JLP performing strongly, even in difficult market conditions. This is reflected in the structures in place for workplace democracy, and in the annual profit-share bonus given to all employees. Company strategy focuses on long-term planning, brand strength, and employee partnership…. Read more

Head & Shoulders enter emerging market: India


The hair care industry in India is continuing to grow rapidly. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the market in the period spanning 2006-2010 was 15.4%. As a result of this, many companies are entering this market. Head and Shoulders entered the Indian market in 1997, followed by the success of its rival product Clear by Unilever. Both products have gone head to head to dominate the Indian anti-dandruff hair care industry. This included harsh marketing, price wars and the introduction of a Social Responsibility program by P&G to… Read more

Natura Cosmeticos – Latin American cosmetics giant


Natura Cosmeticos, a Brazilian company, that develops, produces, and sells cosmetics, fragrances, and hygiene products, is emerging as the Latin American cosmetics giant. Established in 1969, by 2009, the company had overtaken global incumbents like Unilever and Avon in the Brazilian market and is growing its presence in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Peru. Natura’s products are also marketed in Bolivia and Uruguay through local distributors. Natura operates a door-to-door sales model and through a network of 1,418,400 consultants reaches a potential client base of 100 million consumers. The company’s operations… Read more

Wii U hits Europe today


Having been released in North America on November 18th, 2012, Nintendo’s Wii U has seen great consumer demand in its first few days on sale. In fact, Nintendo of America’s president Reggie Fils-Aime has claimed that the console is effectively sold out at retail, and that 400 thousand Wii U units were sold in its first week on sale. Nintendo will hope to repeat similar volumes of sales in Europe, where the console is being released today. The situation mirrors that of the launch of the Wii U’s predecessor, the… Read more

Company Financials Haven’t Gone For Good…

  …they’re just away for the summer holidays. MarketLine’s Company Financial series are getting a makeover – and so aren’t currently appearing on the MarketLine Advantage site. Apologies for any inconvenience but  it will be worth the wait – there will be a new format and new titles reappearing in SEPTEMBER. In the meantime, if you have any specific requests for Company Financial products then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’d be happy to help out.