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Colgate-Palmolive widens its product range to Muslim consumers


As the Muslim market continues to grow, the demand for halal products increases too and many companies are beginning to tap into this growing market. According to a Thomson Reuters report, the global halal (‘permissible’ or ‘lawful’) market, which includes products and services complying with Islamic laws and regulations, was valued at $1.7tn in 2012; growing faster than other consumer markets despite the recent global recession. Despite the most common belief that the term ‘halal’ is limited to meat and poultry, opportunities in the halal market go way beyond this… Read more

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Using Consumer-Focused Marketing to Instill Brand Confidence


In June 2010, Gillette launched its new Fusion ProGlide razor. Boasting seven new technological advances, the Fusion ProGlide claims to provide males with enhanced shaving performance and optimal comfort. Within 10 weeks of being launched, Gillette had sold 2.5 million Fusion ProGlide razors; exceeding sales achieved by Gillette Fusion in 2006 and becoming the world’s best selling razor. This article will examine how Gillette has evolved its marketing strategy to establish a more consumer-focused approach and how, in doing so, it has successfully instilled brand confidence among an increasingly skeptical… Read more

Crest 3D White Using Consumer-Focused Innovation to Form a Point of Differentiation in a Saturated Teeth Whitening Market


An attractive smile – in particular white teeth – has become a sought-after physical attribute among today’s self-expressive and appearance-conscious US consumers. However, with today’s teeth whitening market nearing saturation in Western regions, it has become hard for industry players to achieve standout appeal. This blog entry examines how the Crest and Oral-B brands, which are both owned by Procter & Gamble, have used consumer-focused innovation to form a point of differentiation within the US teeth whitening market. The Crest and Oral-B 3D White Collection achieved $151.1m in first-year sales,… Read more