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Brexit – the meaning of a messy divorce for the Euro area.


The lending channel between many industries and banks in the Euro area has been far from normal since 2008. This factor puts Britain in a better position to negotiate Brexit next year. The Euro area will embark on a period of further unprecedented slowdown by detaching itself from the world’s fourth largest economy. Credit to industries coming from the banking sector is key for the region to grow as the single currency area has a bank-based model as opposed to a capital market model. Debt financing to companies is largely… Read more

Hero MotoCorp: Promising rise of future transnational manufacturer


Hero MotoCorp (HMC – formerly Hero Honda Motors), based in India, is one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers and is setting itself up to expand globally following the dissolution of its partnership agreement with Honda Motor Co. Ltd. in 2010 and the expiration of licensing contracts for Honda technologies in 2014. The first stage of this expansion has been to target developing markets, an approach that indicates an intention to sell existing style products to similar markets in order to leverage the know-how that HMC has already developed, particularly… Read more

Motorcycle manufacturing shifting to low-cost production areas


Recent economic difficulties have had an impact on motorcycle manufacturers in some parts of the world, particularly Western Europe and some countries in Asia. However, other areas such as the US and India are an exception to this. India in particular is seeing huge growth in motorcycle manufacturing, perhaps indicative of the inclination of companies to locate their manufacturing facilities in low-cost production areas. The global motorcycle manufacturing industry grew by 3.3% in 2013, to reach a value of $61.5bn representing a compound annual growth rate of 5.8% for the… Read more

Motorcycles sales stuck in neutral


After a brief recovery in 2011, the global motorcycles market contracted again in 2012-13, with the European region showing the steepest decline. According to the Motorcycle Industry European Association (ACEM), the European market has now hit rock bottom and 2014 should see a slightly more positive sales performance. In addition to general weak economic conditions, motorcycle distributors blamed poor climate, especially the long lasting winter in 2013, for negatively impacting on sales. In the UK, the market for motorcycles is taking longer to recover than the car market, as the… Read more

Global motorcycle manufacturing declined in 2012 but not in India


Persisting economic difficulties have had an impact on motorcycle manufacturers globally, particularly in Western Europe. An exception to this has been India, where motorcycle manufacturing has continued to grow rapidly despite difficult global economic conditions. The global motorcycle manufacturing industry declined by 5.8% in 2012, to reach a value of $62.1bn representing a compound annual rate of change of -0.1% for the period spanning 2008-2012. Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America and North America all experienced a decline in industry value in 2012, with on-going financial difficulties affecting global manufacture. India’s continued… Read more