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UK sugar tax – Attempts to curb rising levels of obesity


The UK is the most obese country in Western Europe, and the sixth most obese country in the world. Around 26.9% of the British population has a body mass index of 30 and above, according to the OECD report and the cost of treating ill health caused by obesity and related issues is rising fast, threatening the NHS budget. The government, long criticized for taking no action to tackle this issue, decided to introduce a Soft Drinks Industry Levy, in the hope that the increased cost will stop people from… Read more

Is there a recipe to boost manufacturing sector growth in the Eurozone?


In 2010, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) launched its Quantitative Easing (QE) program with the aim of re-establishing credit conditions by accelerating inter-bank lending and, consequently, supporting business and consumers to have access to relatively cheap loans. The policy was designed to support the overall level of economic activity in the United States, raise inflation and employment to levels consistent with the Fed’s maximum employment and price stability mandate. The announcement that it would artificially create money by increasing its liabilities was seen as an unorthodox monetary policy by mainstream… Read more

Is Quantitative Easing (QE) a good detox for banks?


International financial markets became dysfunctional and credit dried up following the collapse of major banks and insurance companies in the US and UK in 2008. At that time, commercial banks were desperate for cash to cover their asset and liability mismatches. In response to highly negative events, the Bank of England (BoE) launched the Quantitative Easing program, with the aim of re-establishing credit conditions by increasing inter-bank lending and, consequently, supporting the overall level of economic activity. Did it work? Apart from the increase in unemployment rates, the major risk… Read more