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BrewDog brings craft beer (and capitalism) to the masses


Are you a punk? Are you passionate about craft beer? Are you cool with the risks of investing in a company that “started as 2 humans and 1 dog”? If you answered Yes to these questions, Brewdog has a business proposition for you. And it comes with free beer. BrewDog is one of the UK’s most successful craft breweries. James Watt and Martin Dickie began the company in 2007 using personal savings and bank loans, and second-hand equipment. Initially, their beers were bottled by hand and sold at local markets…. Read more

For relaxing times; future of Suntory’s Beam Inc. acquisition far from on the rocks


Suntory’s surprise $16bn acquisition of American spirits manufacturer Beam Inc., one of the largest outbound deals in Japanese history, catapulted the company from a relatively obscure food and beverage company to the third largest premium spirits company in the world. Announced in January 2014, the deal took the industry by surprise. However, faced with a shrinking domestic market, the acquisition was a culmination of Suntory’s efforts to expand its foreign operations after large-scale takeovers of Frucor and Orangina Schweppes in 2009, and Lucozade and Ribena in 2013. Furthermore, the company… Read more

Publicans to be given “fairer deal” under new statutory code


The British government is to introduce a new statutory code that will give publicans a “fairer deal” after a Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) survey concluded that 57% of landlords in tied tenancies earned less than a National Minimum Wage equivalent salary of £10,000 a year. The reforms on the current laws means that tied tenants will be able to request a rent review if they have not had one for 5 years and also be given access to the information the pub owning companies have used to calculate increases… Read more

Sudden End To Kingfisher’s Reign


Kingfisher – popularly known as King of good times – was established in 2003 by the liquor baron Dr. Vijay Mallya, who named the company after his favorite beer. After a modest start in 2003, Kingfisher managed to quickly build a strong brand and high visibility, by becoming the first ever player in the Indian airlines industry to operate in the lucrative niche of premium domestic flights and rapidly growing its base of happy customers. The company made all efforts to make the flight and the whole travel experience as… Read more

The US craft beer industry is booming


Craft brewers are small, independent, and traditional. Craft brewers have an annual production of less than 6 million barrels of beer or fewer, have less than 25% owned by a non-craft brewer, and use adjuncts to enhance rather than lighten flavor, or at least 50% of their products brewed by volume are malt beers. The US craft beer industry has surged since the late noughties. Worth an estimated $10.2bn in 2012, the craft beer industry far outgrew the overall beer industry. While craft beer sales grew by 15% by volume… Read more