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Qatar Eurofighter Typhoon deal: BAE sale should not distract from harsh reality of lost markets


The decision of the Qatari government to buy 24 Eurofighter jet aircraft built by BAE is useful but should not disguise a stark reality: at present the jet is losing out badly to the French made Rafale, especially in what were formerly highly productive markets in the Arabian Gulf. The danger in placing too much faith, or emphasis, in attempting to turn around sales is that very few nations have the available resources to buy in the numbers BAE would ideally like. The current geopolitical problems in the Gulf suggest… Read more

Airforce modernization picks up pace in the Middle East


Tension in the Middle East has been expanding in recent years as the emergence of a new de factor leader in Saudi Arabia has led to the country reacting aggressively to what it perceives to be an expansion of Iranian influence and power in the Middle East. This tension is ultimately leading to a de facto arms race between the two powers wherein both also seek to stay ahead of the other from a technological point of view. Sanctions whilst holding back Iran in recent years have now been removed,… Read more

NATO: Defense spending rises as members look to a future without US leadership


In a recent meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), between the defense ministers in June 2017, it was heard that almost across the board there has been an increase in defense spending. Despite the target of 2% of GDP that members are expected to meet, traditionally many members have ignored this target in order to grow their economies or recover after recessions, but there are more members now hitting this target. There are multiple explanations for why members are spending more on defense all of a sudden. Firstly,… Read more

HMS Queen Elizabeth: Britain’s largest ever warship launches, but it has some concerning flaws


The Royal Navy’s largest ever commissioned ship is launched ready for sea trials in June 2017. The Queen Elizabeth Aircraft carrier is over three times larger than the class it replaces the invincible class and has absorbed £6bn ($7.6bn) worth of investment and has taken around 10 years to come to fruition. There are a number of questions that surround the project however and in particular the military procurement process in the UK in general. There are concerns that there will not be enough crew ready to operate her, the… Read more

Trump’s win is good news for US economy


Donald Trump’s whole mantra during his campaign (as evidenced by his rather natty headwear) has been to ‘Make America Great Again.’ In order to do this, he knows he must make the US competitive on the global stage. He has pledged to reduce taxes heavily for low and middle income Americans and also to make sure that the wealthy (including corporations) do not pay too much as that undermines jobs. This should help boost the currently questionable level of job creation and to increase spending power, which should in turn… Read more