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Micro-transactions dominating the gaming industry: Gambling becoming a major issue


Micro-transactions have dominated the gaming industry in recent years, largely due to their ability to generate an income for games developers throughout the life-span of a game, rather than being dependent on the one-off payment at the point of sale. This new model facilitated revenues to sharply increase and has begun a new wave of ‘free-to-play’ games, whereby developers make profits based upon the additional features players can purchase within the game. From a business perspective in-game purchases have been a tremendous success; some companies have doubled their profits. However,… Read more

Amazon Prime Dominating: revenue streams key to success


Amazon has become a phenomenon in the retail industry. Through the use of Prime, originally just a subscription to fast delivery at a fixed rate, has become a method to foster customer loyalty in an otherwise ruthless sector. Through continually pushing to add more value towards the mere $119 a year subscription, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has smashed through analysts’ forecasts, reaching an astonishing 100 million subscribers to the service. The two-day delivery feature Amazon has so boasted proudly about for many years now continues to be a… Read more