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Mini-BOTs: Italy’s idea to overcome debt might be proved more complex than it seems


The Italian government is considering of paying their tax cuts and aggressive spending by issuing mini-Bots. These would be small (euro) denomination, non-interest-bearing Treasury bills in the form of bearer securities that would be secured by tax revenues. Consumers would use mini-BOTs as a tax payment, provided they move beyond policy ideas into reality. Businesses or consumers could pay other businesses via transfers from account to account or hand to hand would not be subject of the EUR3,000 ($3,372) legal limit on cash payments within Italy, and last from the… Read more

Credit Agricole first quarter losses: Results fall below expectations


Crédit Agricole profits were below expectations in the first quarter, despite a better than forecast performance in its investment banking arm. The share value dropped as investors looked forward to a strategy update due in June. Citi Group claimed that the miss by Credit Agricole was mainly due to higher costs and higher taxes, with revenues broadly in-line and better provision in addition with a higher than expected contribution to the EU Single Resolution Fund during the quarter. Net income fell by 11% to EUR763m ($856m) missing analysts estimates alongside… Read more

Cannabis market: Aurora Cannabis leading the market


Quite a few countries before Canada had legalized recreational marijuana use, or enacted laws partially allowing it. However, none of those countries created a legal market for marijuana. For a market to emerge it has to be backed by serious economic and political power; Canada is just such a country. On October 17th 2018 the Canadian parliament approved the Cannabis Act, giving the green light for using and growing marijuana and initiating the process for a market to emerge. The creation of companies specializing in producing marijuana for recreational purposes… Read more

Future of Ford in Europe and China seems uncertain after reported losses


Ford has reported a 50% decline on revenues since last year in China and Europe, facing with job cuts. Investors’ behavior had a big impact on Ford’s losses due to the company’s struggle to restructure their core business and persuade the investors that they are willing to do so, making them to lose their trust in the company. Ford aims a £14bn ($18.2bn) cuts focused outside of North America region, in order to revive flagging international businesses. Bridgend and Dagenham sites in UK will face significantly more dramatic cuts than… Read more