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The world’s first plastic-free aisle: A key moment in the war against plastic pollution


The stark reality of the damaging nature of plastic packaging has become increasingly evident in recent years, which has placed pressure on the global community to take action. Supermarkets in particular are guilty of using layer upon layer of plastic to package perishable food items, which over time has caused irreversible damage to the environment. The introduction of Ekoplaza’s plastic-free aisle is a landmark moment in a fight against plastic pollution, showcasing to the world that the concept is possible, scalable and well received. The move to launch the world’s… Read more

Vero: 3 reasons why it won’t replace Instagram


In recent years Instagram users have become increasingly irritated with a number of features of the application. The huge amount of advertisements and changes to the algorithm that Instagram uses to order content, has meant that posts are not featured in chronological order, which has proved to be unpopular amongst the majority of users. Social app Vero appears to answer the demands of users and has been described as ‘the new Instagram’, however in reality it is likely that this is not the case and Instagram will remain a staple… Read more