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Posts written in January 2017

May’s Brexit: Twelve steps to recovery


Since the Brexit referendum in June 2016, the British population has been going through an uncertain period. In order to help protect the British economy and strengthen businesses following the Brexit talks, Prime Minister Theresa May has outlined a twelve point negotiation plan for the discussions with the EU. The focus of this insight is to look at the potential huge benefits to the British economy following the Brexit talks, with a look at how the talks could also be construed as detrimental and could lead to a divided Britain…. Read more

Next alone in its Christmas disappointment


The Christmas trading period is the most important time of the year for retailers, accounting for a significant proportion of a company’s sales and profit. In January 2017, numerous UK retailers revealed their Christmas 2016 trading results, with many high street retailers hailing the festive period a success. A notable exception to this was Next PLC, which revealed it had faced a difficult Christmas trading period and warned of a problematic retail environment in the UK as a whole. On 4th January 2017, Next was the first high street retailer… Read more

GM & Ford: Trump threats to enforce higher border tax to car manufacturers


During Trump’s campaign, there was definite tension alongside his controversial expression towards Mexico and his immigration policies that led to talk of a Mexican wall at the border. Well as it turns out, it is not just Mexican immigrants he is attempting to restrict from entering the US, but also vehicles that are manufactured in the neighbouring country, unless the manufacturer pays high border tax. Trump’s intentions were clear during his campaign, and any possibility to build and retain jobs in America seemed to be an important aim of his,… Read more