Video tutorials

Access our helpful video tutorials – talking you through the MarketLine Advantage site and databases using step-by-step (easy to pause and D.I.Y.) instructions.

Company Report Generator

Whether it’s for benchmarking, competitor analysis or simply research into companies within your market, having company reports can be great asset to your work. Company reports are a useful and versatile product and the Company Report Generator is here to help. Check out our online tutorial now

Company Prospector

When scouting for new partners, clients or investment targets in specific countries or industries, it can be difficult to know here to begin. Most of us don’t have the time to type hopelessly into search engines. What you need is a quick and reliable solution. Company Prospector is that tool. With this tool you can easily and quickly generate long lists or carefully selected short lists of active companies with information on them. Check out our online tutorial now

Financial Deals Tracker

As part of your subscription, you are offered a dynamic interface keeping you up to date with the latest news, deals and top deal makers activity. Interactive charts with all the data you need, heat maps outlining the most active geographies are all available to use. Check out our online tutorial now

Investment & Advisory Prospector

Time is a precious commodity and this tool was designed to save you just that. Whether you are looking to identify advisors or investors active in certain industries or geographies or simply just doing some research on businesses financial strategy, the Investment & Advisory Prospector Tool. Check out our online tutorial now

Industry Datafiles

Industry Datafiles present MarketLine’s industry data in easy to access and manipulate Excel workbooks. Each Datafile consists of industry data for 50 countries and 9 regions including Asia-Pacific, North and South America, Europe and the Middle East. Users can analyse the industry data with the Datafiles built in pre-defined charts or simply copy the raw data to their own workbooks, charting tools or statistical packages. Check out our online tutorial now


MarketLine Chartbooks pull together data points from a variety of internal and external data sources to provide quick to understand and assimilate visual analysis on a variety of sectors, topics and indicators. From macroeconomic factors to leading companies, cities and sectors, each Chartbook is presented in an accessible slide-pack format and also provides to-the-point analysis and explanation of key factors behind the trends shown. Check out our online tutorial now

Case Studies

Company Case Studies provide an in-depth analysis of successful and unsuccessful company strategies. Industry Case Studies provide in-depth analysis of wider ranging issues affecting the subject industry. Check out our online tutorial now