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Renault Car Emissions: New allegations threatens French car manufacturer


The accusations against Renault published in the French press follow on from a 2015 report detailing cars which exceeded environmental rules by over 300%. Stretching back to 1990, the hierarchy at Renault is said to have known about and been involved with cheating emissions tests. The influence of the French government, and therefore the French taxpayer, will be important given the upcoming presidential election and shareholding. If reports of nearly one million cars being sold with devices used to distort the results of emission testing, the scandal could involve the… Read more

Volkswagen scandal refuses to go away


The VW emissions scandal shows little sign of slowing – affected consumers must be compensated whatever the cost if the scandal is to be finally concluded. Volkswagen owners in the US received $20,000 per case in compensation; European owners received a mere software update. However, this could be about to change after courts in Germany ruled a pilot case filed against the company by investors could go ahead. Efforts are underway to circumvent European Union laws and bring about similar cases in other European countries too. It follows a raft… Read more