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No hope for HMV after second administration in six years: HMV will not be able to survive long-term due to recent difficulties


HMV entering administration was triggered by the current struggle of the retail industry, and now the company will find it difficult to recover in the current retail conditions. Uncertainty over Brexit has caused the value of the pound to drop, which has increased the cost of supplies from abroad. An increase in business costs and online shopping has also put HMV in jeopardy, making it harder for HMV to gain traction in the retail industry. HMV needs to find a buyer that has the resources and ability to turn around… Read more

YouTube TV expands its presence in the US: Changing consumption patterns reduce demand for cable TV


A major shift is currently underway as an increasing number of consumers switch over from cable/satellite TV to online streaming. 61% of young adults for example today watch TV online, as compared to around 10% of the 50-64 age group. YouTube therefore in April 2017 launched its live online streaming service in five major urban areas in the United States. The service has seemingly been a success as by the end of the year, it has been expanded to more than 80 urban areas across the US. YouTube TV provides… Read more