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GAME Digital: How the cyclical console release pattern is stifling GAME’s growth


The video game industry across the West is incredibly cyclical, with regular console releases every seven to eight years providing very large revenues to major players and carrying them through the period in-between releases. However a shift in the console market, with console developers choosing to release completely new consoles at a slower rate and instead releasing interim consoles (such as Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro), has hurt GAME Digital, a company only recent out of administration. It’s profit warning announced on June 30, the result of Nintendo’s decision to prioritize… Read more

Nintendo Switch: The Wii U version 2.0


Historically, Nintendo has been the primary supplier of handheld consoles, a tradition it is hoping to carry forward with its new release, the Nintendo Switch, in March 2017. The ideology of Nintendo focuses primarily on its franchises, with Zelda and Mario being two of its best known titles. The Nintendo Switch is up against very fierce competition with mobile gaming, but with the nostalgia value for parents, the Switch is potentially going to profit from this factor and recuperate some of the losses from the Wii U. The advanced technology… Read more

Pokemon Go: what? Nintendo is evolving!


Pokemon Go, a smartphone game built on augmented reality using Google Maps, has become a global craze following its staggered release across several countries. Despite technical difficulties and bizarre news stories regarding usage, downloads are estimated in the millions and the fad shows no signs of abating. Nintendo seemed to prosper from the interest, with investors driving share prices up until Friday when it suffered its biggest drop since the 1990s. The decline was prompted by a statement released by Nintendo following the game’s launch in Japan, stating that it… Read more

Wii U-turn: is Nintendo preparing to sell on iOS following console failure and smartphone boom?


Nintendo has completed a volte-face by announcing it is developing games for iOS, paving the way for a relaxation of its exclusivity policy. Elsewhere, there has been a renewed interest in Nintendo’s core market, and cause a scissor polarity in Nintendo’s consumers. Pokémon Trading Card Online is now being developed by the company to be played on iPad. This represents a major departure for Nintendo, which has previously focused all of its game production efforts on Nintendo hardware, although it has released iOS apps before. A policy of hardware exclusivity… Read more

Nintendo toppled by Sony as Wii U sales slump


A report from Japan’s Nikkei Asian Review has revealed that, for the first time in eight years, Sony’s console sales outstripped those of Nintendo to take top spot in the console sales charts (FY ending March 31st 2014). The release of the PS4 console last year helped boost Sony’s console sales both in terms of unit sales and revenue – which increased 38.5% to JPY 979 billion. Meanwhile Nintendo saw a slump in net sales, partially caused by markdowns of Wii U hardware in the US. Growth in higher margin… Read more

Innovation remains the name of the game for Microsoft’s Xbox 360

  Innovation has been central to Microsoft’s success since entering the video games industry in 2001 and if the company’s keynote presentation at the recent E3 expo in Los Angeles is anything to go by, it will form the cornerstone of the Xbox’s success for the foreseeable future. At the same expo last year, rival games console manufacturer Nintendo unveiled its eighth generation console and successor to the extremely popular Wii, the Wii U. Nintendo’s latest machine, which is slated to hit the shelves in Q4 2012, features a revolutionary… Read more