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Chevron buys Anadarko: $33bn purchase is big move into US shale


For now the purchase of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation – a company that in 2018 registered $13bn in revenue but which consistently lost billions of dollars each year before turning a profit in 2018 – remains the largest of its type and places Chevron level with ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell in terms of production. Last year the newly combined company would have generated greater revenues than ExxonMobil. Investing so heavily reveals the degree of confidence big oil players have in shale gas extraction. The scale of operations such companies will… Read more

‘Energiewende’ boosts German renewable sector but change in policy leads to growth deceleration


Germany has set some of the most ambitious green energy targets for itself, not only in Europe but also the world. This decision has come about due to strong public opinion in favor of green energy in the country, especially as an increasing percentage of the population becomes aware of the negative consequences of global warming on the planet. Liberal feed-tariff rates have subsequently pushed Germany to become one of the largest producers of renewable energy in the world, with the country ranking third globally with regards to total cumulative… Read more