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Spring Budget 2017: Budget statement to address Brexit effect and to impact business rates


The economic forecasts released by the UK government before and after the referendum, are astounding in how much they have changed: from an optimistic positive outlook quoted by George Osborn, to a more bleak negative picture for the next five years. Uncertainty playing a major part has led to the outcome of more borrowing for the UK government in order to cover the worst case scenario of lower valued tax receipts in the future. With the Spring statement being the first and last one this April (there will only be… Read more

British Economy – structurally damaged?


Large-scale lending has become a key component for the economic growth of Britain’s economy since the 1980s. It has aimed to incentivise British consumers to permanently increase their borrowing rates and consumption. This practice has boosted the profitability of the British financial system by an unimaginable scale. It has generated a permanent stream of cash flowing from consumers to the banking system based on the acquisition of mortgages and consumer credit to purchase durable and nondurable goods. It has also helped households to navigate through a prolonged period of house… Read more