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Argentine agricultural exports: Tax on exports not helping to initiate economic recovery


Even during numerous economic crises during the early 2000s Argentina routinely registered a trade surplus, but that is no longer the case. To combat biting economic conditions the government has imposed austerity alongside a plethora of policies which include higher taxation on exports. The decision to tax exports at a higher rate to lower the deficit is therefore flawed. Instead of agriculture being helped to improve the economy, higher export taxation makes key Argentine products more expensive in an industry which is notoriously price sensitive. Instead of targeting the agricultural… Read more

Australia’s mining sector returning to strong growth: Increasing commodity prices and stabilizing export markets boost the sector


The Australian mining sector is said to have witnessed a boom from 2003 onwards, as demand from China, Japan and other major Asian markets surged as a consequence of strong growth. Simultaneously this strong demand boosted commodity prices, resulting in large profits for the Australian mining sector. However as growth in the Australian mining sector’s largest export market China has decelerated in recent years and fears of stronger decreases in the future emerged, the Australian mining sector has taken a hit. Another major export market Japan too suffered financial instability… Read more