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Seasonal Packaging Tapping into Consumer Trends Beyond the Visual

In recent decades, seasonal packaging has emerged as a promotional tool used by manufacturers to establish a point of difference in a consumer landscape overloaded with choice. Today, however, seasonal marketing no longer represents a novel promotional tool but rather a necessary strategy used by the majority of brands. This article will examine ways in which various brands have successfully developed innovative seasonal packaging designs, which go beyond the visual and respond to core consumer needs.

For consumers faced with too much choice, packaging plays an integral role in awaking interest in a brand and encouraging consumer purchases. In the past, seasonal packaging has proven to be an effective way of giving products a competitive edge over similar category brands. However, as this seasonal focus is adopted by more brands, product packaging requires additional ways of engaging with consumers.

As times change, so do consumer needs and shopping behaviors. Perhaps most significant has been the shift in consumer trends following the recent economic downturn, which has given rise to more frugal consumers in search of products with value-added concepts. Not only are consumers now engaging more with products that meet their personal needs (often environmental and ethical beliefs), but they are also embracing products that enable them to replicate the restaurant and bar experience at home.

For the consumer packaging market, this shift in consumer trends has given rise to marketing opportunities. Brands that create innovative seasonal packaging designs which more directly meet customer needs will prove to be the most successful.

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