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Post Recessionary Opportunities for Calorie Conscious Snacking

The launch of Kraft Foods’ 100 calorie Oreo Thin Crisps in 2004 kick-started the 100 calorie food trend and marked a US snack revolution. However, after five consecutive years of market growth, this snack segment is now dwindling. Perhaps surprisingly, this comes at a time when both weight management and convenience remain core consumer issues. This case study will examine both the consumer and market issues that together will determine the future success of this currently diminishing category.

In response to rising obesity levels, enhanced working pressures, and an increasingly weight-conscious US society, Kraft Foods launched the first product line of 100 calorie snacks back in 2004. The release was both a US snack revolution and an immediate market success, securing $75m of sales in the first year. However, today 100 calorie snacks represent a dwindling product segment, characterized by declining sales and persistently fewer product launches since 2008.

The US population displays an ongoing interest in both convenience and portion control. However, today’s wiser US consumer is increasingly aware of the disappointing nutritional and eco-credentials offered by 100 calorie snacks, to the extent that increasing numbers of consumers are now looking beyond product calorie claims in search of better value for money.

Looking forward, consumer streamlining and authenticity will play a pivotal role in shaping the future market of 100 calorie snacks, with the former trend serving to promote market recovery while the latter serves to prevent it. In uncertain times, manufacturers should not simply wait to see what happens but instead continue to innovate, identify new market opportunities, and start to look beyond just calories.

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