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PepsiCo unveils one-liter bottle of Brisk Iced Tea for limited time

PepsiCo, announced the launch of a one-liter bottle of Brisk Iced Tea for a limited-time with the Kinect scannable Microsoft tag, or M-Tag, printed on a bottle that unlocks content in an Xbox game.

The special M-Tag on the label will allow gamers to unlock an exclusive Anakin Podracer experience in the new ‘Kinect Star Wars’ game, available now, along with the limited edition ‘Kinect Star Wars’ Xbox 360 bundle.

The new bottle will feature a gold cap and artist graphics of Star Wars characters R2-D2 and C-3PO. It is available only at participating 7-Eleven stores for an exclusive launch period in April and wherever one-liter Brisk is sold throughout May and June 2012.

“To expand upon our successful partnership with Star Wars, Brisk will offer artist-designed packaging that features innovative on-pack technology to deliver exclusive content to a passionate fanbase,” said Eric Fuller, Brand Director, Brisk Iced Tea. “We’re excited to creatively extend our Star Wars campaign to promote the release of ‘Kinect Star Wars’ and to be able to provide an exclusive immersive gaming experience for Brisk consumers and Star Wars fans.”

“It’s clear that our fans have embraced Brisk’s authentic yet unique take on Star Wars,” says Kayleen Walters, Senior Director, Marketing, Lucasfilm. “We look forward to another successful collaboration with Brisk featuring fan-favorite characters.”

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