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PayPal, online payments tycoon

PayPal is a convenient, secure online payment method which does not require disclosure of sensitive financial data. As of December 2012 PayPal covered more than 164 million accounts (123 million active) and allowed transactions in 19 currencies in 190 markets and territories around the world. Providing access to the global online market, PayPal also supports popular payment methods in local markets. Setting up PayPal account takes only a few minutes and it provides instant, safe and convenient money transfer service with plenty of the additional features. This article focuses on PayPal’s main feature such as security and conveyance for users as well as company’s position among competition.

PayPal has created a comprehensive system of safety and security of transactions – this is one of the safest ways to make payments online. The company uses advanced security technology and sophisticated systems for the protection against Internet fraud.

PayPal offers a convenient money transfers via the Internet. It allows for convenient transactions between the buyer and seller in various currencies as well as offering solutions implemented by small and large businesses.

The company is a major player in online payment market with value of transactions worth over $35.16bn in 2012, which places the company in leading position before Google Checkout and Amazon Payment. It also plans to widen the product portfolio by offering offline services, cooperation with other companies involved in the market and signing agreements with retailers.

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