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Old Spice using social media to revitalise a brand

As consumer media consumption patterns are changing, CPG marketers are adjusting their marketing budgets to dovetail with shifting consumer audiences. As such, digital social media, e.g. Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, have become more important to the marketing mix. Indeed, for many brands, social media has become their biggest relationship-marketing provider.

This blog entry focuses on two brands in the men’s personal care sector which have successfully integrated social media into their respective marketing campaigns, namely: Old Spice and King of Shaves.

The primary focus of this article is the Old Spice “Smell like a Man, Man” campaign, which has been hailed by some media commentators as the ultimate case study in viral and social-media marketing. The social media element of the campaign has been vital in rejuvenating the brand’s rather “old fashioned” image. Important contextual factors behind the success of the campaign have been the:

  • Move away from traditional communication channels e.g. print and TV to online platforms
  • The greater consumer tendency to use social networking sites
  • Creative content of the campaign itself which have helped the brand tap into distinct consumer need states in men’s personal care
  • Integrated nature of the marketing mix, using social media alongside traditional media channels and money-off coupons as part of a cohesive and coherent strategy to effectively target consumers
  • Interactive nature of the campaign itself which has sought to engage consumers in a two way dialogue with the brand to help build trust.

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