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Oasis: How to succeed in omni-channel retailing

Multi-channel retailing, enabled by fast technological development, may soon simply not be enough. Instead of being present in two or three channels, there is a trend to integrate digital commerce, with physical stores, engaging all possible communication channels, to sell a completely new, comprehensive, consistent customer experience. This new approach is called omni-channel retailing.

In 2011, Oasis, a retail brand of Aurora Fashion, introduced a £7m ($11.2m), 18-month investment program, to revamp its brand image and gain market share through the integration of all its retail channels. The adoption of the omni-channel retail concept was successful and Oasis was recognized as one of the top omni-channel performers globally in 2011.

How to embrace omni-channel retail? Read our case study: “Oasis: How to succeed in the omni-channel world”

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