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Natura Cosmeticos – Latin American cosmetics giant

Natura Cosmeticos, a Brazilian company, that develops, produces, and sells cosmetics, fragrances, and hygiene products, is emerging as the Latin American cosmetics giant.

Established in 1969, by 2009, the company had overtaken global incumbents like Unilever and Avon in the Brazilian market and is growing its presence in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Peru. Natura’s products are also marketed in Bolivia and Uruguay through local distributors.

Natura operates a door-to-door sales model and through a network of 1,418,400 consultants reaches a potential client base of 100 million consumers.

The company’s operations are focused on sustainability: use of natural resources in production and recyclable materials in packaging. Most of its revenues come from products, which were introduced within the last few years, despite having only limited in-house research capabilities. Instead, Natura forms partnerships with academic universities and institutions, and cooperates with scientists searching for new products to license.

Natura has enjoyed strong revenue growth, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.1% in 2006-2011 period. In 2011, the company made its biggest investment ever, of approximately BRL350m ($209.6m) to expand production, develop a logistics network and improve information technology.

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