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Müllerlight: A Successful Attempt to Tackle the Clash of the Health and Indulgence Trends

Dairy manufacturer Müller’s Müllerlight Inspired By cheesecake brand extension has sold over 9 million units in the UK since its launch in mid-2010. The brand appears to have been effective in solving consumers’ conflicting desires for healthy foods and indulgent foods – which is still one of the most important unmet needs for the food industry to address. The success of Inspired By highlights several ways to overcome the problem, and the rewards available to companies that do.

Datamonitor’s 2010 Consumer Survey found that across all parts of the world, consumers are generally trying to eat more healthily. A total of 69% of UK respondents said that they have made such attempts either “most” or “all” of the time – up 5% from the overall average in equivalent fieldwork conducted in 2009.

Yogurt sales in the UK recorded an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6% between 2004 and 2009, to reach an estimated value of $2.1bn in 2010. One of the main drivers of yogurt growth over the past few years has been its promotion as a food that has functional benefits and health benefits.

The economic downturn has increased the focus on small indulgences for stressed consumers: big-ticket items are no longer affordable, but consumption behavior that allows consumers to provide themselves with an everyday treat is still within the reach of most.

A total of 48% of UK consumers subscribe to the view that “healthy food and beverages are generally tasty and enjoyable,” which highlights the lasting (albeit diminishing) prejudices that still exist concerning the sensory value of healthy-indulgent food and drinks.

Müllerlight is the UK’s leading fat-free yogurt brand. Its positioning is to address consumers’ diet worries by offering a product which is not a diet food, but rather one that they can perceive as an everyday low fat option.

Since the Müllerlight parent brand clearly establishes healthy connotations in consumers’ minds, the product-specific marketing campaign for Inspired By has been able to focus purely on establishing the brand’s indulgent credentials, avoiding the mixed messages that so often characterize launches looking to bridge the healthy-indulgence space.

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