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Hydrogen-Powered Cars Seem to Be the Future of the Motoring World.

Honda Motor is one of the leading manufacturers of automobiles and the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. The company also provides a range of financial services to its customers and dealers. The company has 390 subsidiaries and 102 affiliates all over the world. Since 1999 Honda has worked on fuel cell vehicle prototypes, with FCX-V1 becoming the first mass produced hydrogen-powered car.

The future of cars powered by hydrogen is an exciting prospect. First of all, hydrogen as a fuel produces zero CO2 emissions. In addition, the development of technology with this type of drive promises to change design, construction, and the way that cars are propelled. The Honda FCX car is powered by a fuel cell that during a chemical reaction produces a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen and electric current, which drives the electric motor of the vehicle. The car produces no emissions and water is produced as a side effect. Hydrogen-powered fuel cells seem to be the future of the motoring world.

The specifications of hydrogen power cells make them an attractive alternative to fossil fuels. The short and swift history of development and numerous advantages of modern hydrogen fuel cells bring another player into the global market of potential alternatives sources of power.

Honda Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) is the first FCV mass produced car. Its specifications and the company’s vast knowhow in this area may bode well for vehicles with this kind of power drive.The future of the portable stationary application of fuel cells is characterized by positive growth, with the fast path of development and implementation seen in more and more countries around the world. Estimates show that by 2015 the sale of fuel cells in the transportation sector will increase by 25,000 units per year, indicating the potential winner in vehicle powering systems, with Honda being a part of the winning group of manufacturers.

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