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Manufacturers in Personal Care Market Adapting to Demands

Unit-dose packs have achieved wide acceptance in categories such as laundry detergents and pharmaceuticals, but progress has been slow in the personal care sector, despite opportunities to add value. This article analyzes the key consumer trends influencing demand for unit-dose packaging within the sector, and examines the extent to which consumer demand for convenience conflicts with concerns over price, performance, and over packaging.

This article identifies the key consumer trends that impact upon demand for unit-dose packaging within the personal care sector. It identifies that:

Unit-dose packs align well with the convenience and “visual culture” trends – Smaller packs of portable personal care products are likely to appeal to consumers who live busier lifestyles, and who are under pressure to look good throughout the day.

Unit-dose packs offer the potential for premiumization – Supplying products in smaller volumes of packaging specifically designed for single use usually enables manufacturers to achieve far higher margins, but also introduces greater complexity for businesses looking to maximize production efficiencies.

Consumer caution and over packaging concerns are barriers that must be overcome – High brand loyalty and the traditional skepticism of health and beauty consumers represent hurdles for suppliers of unit-dose products, particularly if the packaging is deemed to be excessive or unnecessarily complicated.

Unit-dose packs must be simple, effective, or both – Unit-dose products that offer considerable performance benefits over existing formats, or offer simple handling or dispensing solutions, stand the greatest chance of success.

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