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Preservative Free Packaging helping Beauty Products to tap Consumers

As the attention consumers pay towards natural beauty and cosmetics that are “free-from” ingredients perceived as harmful continues to grow, packaging suppliers including Promens and Aptar have launched sterile packaging solutions that allow cosmetics manufacturers to sell preservative-free products.

Although there is no scientific evidence that preservatives such as parabens are actually harmful at the levels at which they are used in personal care products, the combination of media misinformation, lobbying by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and marketing claims made by the producers of natural products have tainted such chemicals in the eyes of the public.

Natural products are also considered to be more authentic and higher quality than industrially manufactured products, much like the difference in perception between a loaf of sliced white bread and a fresh, artisanally produced baguette. The scope to leverage “natural” branding as a way of commanding premium prices is particularly strong in this market.

By 2010, 9.3% of new personal care launches featured the “no parabens” claim, almost double the prevalence of the second most important tag (that being no alcohol, which appeared on 5.0% of new products launched in 2010). This does not just reflect the controversy over parabens; in total, the prevalence of the most popular free-from tags doubled from 15.0% in 2006 to 30.0% in 2010

An industry segment has developed that focuses on “preservative-free” cosmetics, whereby substances that are legally defined as preservatives are replaced with other ingredients that have anti-microbial properties (but are not legally defined as preservatives) due to the logistical drawbacks of products with no preservatives at all.

A key barrier to preservative-free development has been that as soon as cosmetics packaging is opened, the product inside is exposed to the air, and consequently loses its sterility. In the last two years, there have been two significant packaging innovations that stop this from occurring, allowing manufacturers to significantly reduce or even cut out the use of preservatives in their products. The two systems DEFI by Promens and Irresistible by Aptar are relatively similar in nature, although DEFI is aimed at dispensing creams, whereas Irresistible is a pump dispenser for liquids.

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