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Gillette Fusion ProGlide Using Consumer-Focused Marketing to Instill Brand Confidence

In June 2010, Gillette launched its new Fusion ProGlide razor. Boasting seven new technological advances, the Fusion ProGlide claims to provide males with enhanced shaving performance and optimal comfort. Within 10 weeks of being launched, Gillette had sold 2.5 million Fusion ProGlide razors; exceeding sales achieved by Gillette Fusion in 2006 and becoming the world’s best selling razor. This article will examine how Gillette has evolved its marketing strategy to establish a more consumer-focused approach and how, in doing so, it has successfully instilled brand confidence among an increasingly skeptical male consumer base.

Over the past two decades, Gillette has been at the forefront of innovation in the male grooming category, becoming a brand that is synonymous with shaving. In a bid to retain its brand status, Gillette launched the Fusion ProGlide razor in June 2010 in an attempt to address men’s shaving comfort needs.

With research showing that 65% of males still experience shaving discomfort, Gillette decided to extend its Fusion shaving range with the introduction of the ProGlide razor. Its several high-precision innovations together promised reduced “tug and pull” for men during shaving, thereby enhancing both performance and comfort.

The immediate market success of the Fusion ProGlide razor is down, in large part, to Gillette’s shift towards a more consumer-based marketing strategy. With a unique pre-launch marketing campaign and experiential marketing efforts, Gillette has successfully responded to male consumer skepticism surrounding the launch of Fusion ProGlide, allowing the product to speak for itself.

By focusing its marketing efforts on the consumer, Gillette has managed to successfully position the Fusion ProGlide razor across the entire consumer adoption lifecycle. In doing so, Gillette has ensured market growth for the brand moving forwards.

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