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Galaxy S III fever hits consumers across the globe

Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung this week launched the latest product in its flagship smartphone range, the Galaxy S III.

The success of its predecessor, the Galaxy S II, which sold 20 million units within 10 months of its release and garnered a great deal of critical acclaim, guaranteed a certain degree of anticipation, but the sight of the kind of queues usually reserved for Apple products will have surprised even Samsung.

The Galaxy S II helped Samsung usurp Apple as the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer and has also been credited with propelling the Android operating system to new heights (it is now the world’s most popular OS with over 300 million devices in use). Samsung hopes that the Galaxy S III will prove to be as popular and the early signs are promising.

Consumers queued in stores across Europe to be among the first to own the phone when it was released on Tuesday (29th May) and VodafoneUK has stated that it is the most pre-ordered Android device they have offered to date. Samsung has already warned of potential shortages as it struggles to satisfy early demand and many retailers have also informed customers that they may face a wait to get hold of the hottest device on the market.

This will be music to the ears of the Korean electronics giant, which stated in its most recent earnings release that its smartphone business is currently the main driver of revenue growth. Mobile revenues for fiscal 2011 increased 39% to 55.53 trillion won ($50.2 billion), with operating revenue for the same period soaring 90% to 8.27 trillion won ($7.5 billion). The company attributes most of this to strong sales of its high-end mobile devices. The initial fever among consumers for the Galaxy S III bodes well for more of the same.

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