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Dettol Targeting the Personal Care Market in the Far East

Reckitt Benckiser reported impressive year-on-year pre-tax profits for 2010, stating that its performance in developing markets had helped offset sluggish activity in its Western markets. As part of this impressive performance, the company said its Dettol brand continued to deliver excellent growth in developing markets. This article examines how the Dettol brand has been well placed to extend its product portfolio into the personal care market in the Far East (particularly China, India, Japan, and South Korea) region of Reckitt Benckiser’s developing market axis, and how competitors can compete with the brand.

Reckitt Benckiser has extended its range of products to target personal hygiene occasions – The Dettol brand is currently operating in the personal hygiene care market in the Far East, selling products such as soap and body and shower gels, as well as products such as shaving cream.

Products have been given a functional positioning – Primarily positioned around the elimination of germs and bacteria with less attention being given to sensory benefits, products have mainly been targeted at more affluent consumers in urbanized regions.

Dettol has been able to capitalize on heightened personal hygiene concerns – These concerns have been brought about by an array of factors such as poor sanitation, industrialization, urbanization, pollution, and continued concerns over epidemics such as Avian flu.

Consumers will become more selective in their purchases as more choice is available – Shoppers are not influenced by efficacy alone when buying hygiene products and demonstrate a willingness to switch brands to get better value for money.

Competitors can differentiate their products from Dettol with added value benefits – Enhanced sensory appeal and the use of natural ingredients and social media can help foster brand awareness and differentiation from the Dettol brand in the marketplace.

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