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Crest 3D White Using Consumer-Focused Innovation to Form a Point of Differentiation in a Saturated Teeth Whitening Market

An attractive smile – in particular white teeth – has become a sought-after physical attribute among today’s self-expressive and appearance-conscious US consumers. However, with today’s teeth whitening market nearing saturation in Western regions, it has become hard for industry players to achieve standout appeal. This blog entry examines how the Crest and Oral-B brands, which are both owned by Procter & Gamble, have used consumer-focused innovation to form a point of differentiation within the US teeth whitening market. The Crest and Oral-B 3D White Collection achieved $151.1m in first-year sales, according to SymphonyIRI’s New Product Pacesetters Report. Important contextual factors include:

Consumers are more likely to pay high or very high amounts of attention to teeth and gums than hair or skin – For the majority of US consumers, having white teeth and therefore a nice smile is considered to play an important role in achieving physical attractiveness, as well as projecting an image of social and professional success. Consequently, 57% of US consumers deem teeth whitening benefits to be important in their choice of oral hygiene products.

Meaningful product innovation has become a key determinant of market success – However, due to the rapid growth in teeth whitening products in recent years, the teeth whitening market in Western countries such as the US is now approaching saturation. Oral care brands face the increasingly difficult challenge of standing out among the myriad similar whitening products available.

The 2010 launch of Crest and Oral-B’s 3D White Collection was the most successful launch in the non-food category in the US over 2010 – This served to revive the US teeth whitening market. The collection’s market success stems largely from its ability to accommodate US consumers’ specific oral care needs, offering choice simplification, product efficacy, and value for money through consumer-focused product innovation.

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