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Brazil Seizing Opportunities for Market Development in Orange Juice Sector

Brazil is the world’s largest orange grower and orange juice producer and three out of five glasses of orange juice consumed in the world are produced in Brazil. While the country has achieved a leading position in the global market due to its long history of research and investments, it is now facing the challenge of decreasing consumption rates in the most important international consumer markets for Brazilian orange juice. This article examine the reasons why consumers are replacing orange juice with other types of beverages, and what strategies need to be adopted by the industry in Brazil to boost opportunities in the category, both locally and in the international market.

Despite being the most consumed juice type around the world, orange juice is facing strong competition from other fruit-based beverages that are becoming increasingly popular. This is leading to a consequent decrease in the consumption of orange juice, especially in more mature markets such as Europe and the US.

Consumers’ demand for more healthy and convenient foods and beverages, coupled with the population’s higher income level, are fueling the growth of the orange juice segment in Brazil. Local consumers’ behavior, however, needs to be fully understood in order to better position orange juice as a unique beverage, both in terms of flavor characteristics and health benefits.

The growing demand for orange juice in Brazil and the structural reduction of orange juice production in the US are giving Brazil a unique opportunity to further increase its dominance in the world market. However, with the international market experiencing a significant decrease in consumption of this beverage, a global marketing campaign with appropriate product positioning is a key measure for stimulating the segment’s growth and assuring Brazil’s world-leading position.

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