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America and Europe remain the largest control systems markets but Asia-Pacific is growing at the fastest rate

Control systems, including programmable logistic controllers (PLC) and distributed control systems (DCS) are widely applicable and once installed, contribute towards better energy efficiency, increased productivity and safety. They can help companies achieve a competitive edge in a global scale.

Currently, America and Europe are the largest markets for industrial control and factory automation; however, the emerging economies, mainly in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, are growing at the fastest rate. These markets are expected to generate the largest revenue stream in the nearest future, as they pursue expansion and improvement of internal infrastructure and manufacturing operations to meet increasing domestic demands, as well as to increase energy efficiency and the quality of their processes. The majority of big players, such as ABB or Siemens, are expanding their operations into these regions, taking advantage of the opportunities by collaborating or merging with regional players to setup their businesses.

Industrial markets in the Americas have been the most impacted by economic uncertainties, due to a sharp reduction in consumer spending, postponed production activities and plant shut-downs. These markets are however expected to see an increase in industrial automation and process control activities in the near future.

The ongoing economic challenges in Western Europe, general drop in manufacturing and credit uncertainty, have impacted the growth of the control system markets in this region. On the other hand, the transition of the manufacturing base to low-cost Eastern European countries has opened new growth prospects for control systems. There are many heavy and light industry plants which require modernization, therefore indicating a big potential market for industrial automation and process control.

Long-term demand growth drivers for PLC and DCS systems, include the need for greater industrial productivity, more reliable and efficient power delivery, and growth in renewable energy use. Short-term trends, such as industrial production growth and government policies towards infrastructural development are expected to be the main determinants of demand in 2013.

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