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Posts written in October 2015

Morrison’s: Can’t match up to the discounters?


From November 2, 2015, Morrison’s will be making changes to its Match & More scheme. The program will no longer include Match points on comparable shopping. The scheme, which was introduced in October 2014, gained widespread coverage in the UK for its promise to match the discounters, Aldi and Lidl, on price or refund the difference in the form of points, with vouchers being issued once enough points have been accumulated. While the other major supermarkets in the UK have their own price promise schemes, none have been brave enough… Read more

Adidas and Manchester United: Top of the merchandise league


As explored in the MarketLine case study adidas AG: Bumpy road on Route 2015, adidas invested significant funds to become Manchester United’s official outfitter and merchandiser and so far, it looks a shrewd investment as sales of this season’s kits have broken all records. In July 2014, adidas announced that that it had signed a deal to become the official outfitter and merchandiser to English football club Manchester United, believed to be the best supported in the world. The deal, worth £750m ($1,235m) over 10 years, more than doubled the… Read more

Global Haircare Market – Data Infographic


An infographic with summary information on the global haircare market

Pack your bags: England joins other UK nations in ending free plastic bags with caveats


England has become the final part of the UK to introduce a charge for plastic carrier bags in a bid to slash the 7.6 billion handed out annually. However, several caveats and exemptions may stifle the scheme’s success compared to other parts of the UK. Although some retailers (such as M&S and the German discounters Aldi and Lidl) have already introduced plastic bag charges, the government has moved to employ a strategy used in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland which has reduced consumption of plastic bags dramatically. The 7.6 billion… Read more

Consumer Law: Shifting power from businesses to consumers


As of October 1, 2015 new consumer protection measures came into force in the UK. Under the Consumer Rights Act, customers are now entitled to a full refund on faulty goods for up to 30 days after the purchase. This area was previously rather sketchy, with consumers only being entitled to refunds for a ‘reasonable time’. A further measure has been the introduction of new protection for those purchasing digital content, allowing for a replacement on downloads that do not work. What’s more, if a digital download infects a user’s… Read more