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Posts written in July 2015

Airline seating patent demonstrates the importance of innovation to the future of passenger air transport


The recent filing of a patent by French manufacturing group Zodiac Aerospace for an innovative high density seating solution for single aisle passenger aircraft has caused a stir in the industry. By configuring the seats into an offset facing pattern, the space between seats is claimed to increase by 15%, offering each passenger an additional 10cm of available leg room. While the introduction of the seating is likely to be some way off, such innovation is indicative of the how the industry as a whole is seeking to meet the… Read more

Market maturity and intense competition forces banks to expand overseas


Overseas expansion is a key trend in the global banking industry as many major players look to reduce their reliance on mature and intensely competitive domestic markets. The push for overseas expansion is beginning to kick start M&A activity within the sector. CCB, ICBC, Credit Agricole, and Mitsubishi UFJ have all engaged in M&A deals that involve the purchase of at least a stake in a non-domestic player since 2013. As explored in detail in the MarketLine case study Top ten global banks: An analysis of financial performance, growth opportunities… Read more

Driverless Cars: The coming insurrection


The technology required to produce an autonomous vehicle already exists in specific circumstances. The challenge is to make self-driving cars viable in all locations, all conditions and all situations. Incumbent automotive manufacturers, together with major suppliers to the industry, are well along the road towards commercial production having already implemented a number of more basic autonomous driving features. Yet there remain significant barriers to the adoption of autonomous driving, not least of which will be consumer perception. Some of the key concerns in this regard will be skepticism around the… Read more

Greece – Another Case of Expansionary Austerity Failure


The public austerity program forced upon the Greek population by the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (Troika) has depressed the economy instead of leading to an economic expansion, under the mantra of “expansionary austerity” policies. Five years of austerity involved drastic reductions in public expenditure, public sector redundancies and tax increases in the context of the worst global contraction of more than 60 years. As the Greek Prime Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, explained in a recent article published on the Project Syndicate website, the hard-line… Read more