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Posts written in January 2014

The rise of fashion power houses in the fragrance industry


Fashion houses have successfully diversified their product lines by introducing fragrances. Strong brand reputation and a loyal consumer base means companies have a ready-made consumer base; and are able to leverage their brand identity to give them a head-start in this fiercely competitive market. Moreover many fragrance manufacturers are seeking growth in emerging markets such as China and India due to weak consumer spending during economic downturn most notably in Western Europe markets. The strong brand reputation and loyal consumer base means fashion power houses, such as Dior, have a… Read more

Turkey: An uncertain investment opportunity


There is an old Chinese curse that says: ‘may you live in interesting times.’ Some would argue that the whole world is experiencing such times as a result of the financial crisis and political upheaval across the Middle East in particular. Yet no country is in the midst of a political and financial watershed like Turkey. Once known as the sick-man of Europe, Turkey has experienced a decade of unprecedented economic growth that has paved the road for greater ambitions. It currently boasts a youthful population with a well trained… Read more